Famous Places to Visit in Azad kashmir

If traveling is in your soul and like me, you are lost in the world, then you have come to the right place I will tell you the most famous places to visit in Azad Kashmir.
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We here at Pakbeings will be planning on writing on the top 10 places to visit, cheapest accommodations, top cheapest places to visit, tips for better traveling experience and much more. So hop in, enjoy the scenery, and leave with a smile on your face. Now I am going to on my main point most famous places to visit in Azad Kashmir

1- Arang kel - Azad Kashmir

Arang kel is a village and famous tourist spot at the height of 8379 meter above see level. the village is accessible by a trek of  2 kilometer from village kel arang kel is one one of the most famous place in Azad kashmir , pakistan thousand of tourist visit this place every year because of its beauty 

weather Condition: weather condition of arang kel is cold in summer and in winter temperature goes upto -3° C to 5° C which is not bearable for kids and families 

2- Pir Chinasi - Azad Kashmir

pir chinasi is a tourist destination  and shrine located 30 kilometer from muzaffarabad  height of pir chinasi is 2900 meter from sea level because of shrine of famous saint Pir Sayed Hussain shah Bukhari people visit this place for ziyarat

Weather Condition: weather at pir chinasi is cold in summer and also cold in winter at this place

3- Mangla Dam - Azad Kashmir

The Mangla dam is located on the Jhelum River in the Mirpur Azad Kashmir,Pakistan
It is the seventh largest dam in the world. Dam name was decided on the name of village Mangla. Major Nasrullah Khan of the Pakistan Army revealed
for the first time in 2003, The dam was constructed between 1961 to 1965 having cost of Rs. 15.587 billion

Weather condition:
weather condition of mangla Dam is normal in summer and winter.

4- Banjosa Lake - Azad Kashmir

Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake and a resort 18 kilometers
from the city of Rawalakot in Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
It is located at a height of 1,981 meters
If you go around Rawalkot. Rawlakot is very beautifull and famous place for tourist.
Every where you find greenry in rawlakot special in mid of summer.
Banjosa lake is a clear water lake having beautifull trees around there make this view more beautifull for tourist attraction
covering a large area beyond. Pakbeings.com recommend you heading out there in summer due to a bearable weather, because in summer temperature on banjosa lake
hardly exceeds 25°C. winter is much cooler and snow fall also occurs.
Overall experience at banjosa lake is good. we must recommend you boating at this lake. banjosa lake is among one of the most famous places to vist in Azad Kashmir

Banjosa lake weather/Temperature in winter and Summer:

The weather in this area also cool in Summers and cold in Winter. In mid of December and January snowfall also occurs here and the temperature falls
to -5 °C. During Summer, the temperature remains 16°C (61°F) to 25°C (77°F)

5- Toli pir - Azad Kashmir

Tolipir is Top area is in Tehsil Rawalakot in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. is also amoung most famous palces to visit in azad kashmir
Its approximate height is about 8800 ft above sea level. It is about 30 km, or a 120-minute drive, from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir.
Abbaspur, Bagh and Poonch River can be viewed from Toli Pir.
When you go to Azad kashmir and you didn’t visit tolipeer its worthless . tolipeer ir beautifull point of azad kashmir having clear view of clouds and Azad kashmir

6- Khari Sharif - Azad Kashmir

Khari Sharif is an agricultural area in Mirpur,Azad kashmir .
Alaqa-e-Khari refers to the fertile plains of Khari which is situated between jhelum river and hills of
Mirpur. Khari has some 80 small and large villages and one of the villages itself is known as Khari Sharif.
khari sharif is located at a distance of 8 km from the city of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and is known for housing the shrines of Sufi saints known as Pir Shah Ghazi
Qalandar Damri Wali Sarkar and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. The place acts as a great seat of learning for students of Islam.

7-Ramkot Fort - Azad Kashmir

Ramkot Fort is an ancient fort situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan currently beside the Mangla Dam. It is accessible through boat,
13 kilometers away from Dina and 79 kilometers by road from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir to Dadyal town.

This beautiful land comes on an ascending, bordered by River Jehlum, this attraction is in Azad Kashmir
Not really a stronghold anymore, Ramkot Fort bespeaks of a contemporary Muslim military design of buildings.
The background of this fort belongs to 5th and 9th centuries which left behind its relics, discovered and removed by Muslim leaders during the 17th century.
This area lays the foundation of excitement for people struck with wanderlust.

8- Sharda Fort - Azad Kashmir

Sharda Fort, also known as Sharda Peeth, is a national heritage monument in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
Situated at an altitude of 1981m near the Neelum River, it is a major tourist attraction in Neelum Valley.
The heritage site is not just a fort but is a combination of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as a ruined Buddhist University
weather condition:
waether condition is cold in winter but in summer is normal.

9- Jhelum Valley - Azad Kashmir

jhelum valley of Azad Kashmir is a large group of household and worldwide vacationers, all around in summer.

A characteristic ponder that individuals appear to discover is the twisting stream going from East to West in the midst of the huge mountains.

A district called, “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the well known vacation destinations individuals long to visit.

In summer, matured rice fields rise going full speed ahead and contemporary wooden places of occupants feature a pleasant view.

Fruits like you have never tasted, the span of individuals you have never observed and Walnut, gracious that splitting walnut is a treat you can just get,

no place other than Jhelum Valley in Azad Kashmir.

10- Neelum Valley - Azad Kashmir

Neelum valley is famous valleys because of its beauty .The district has a population of 191,251 according to the 2017.
The district was badly affected by the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. but the people of kashmir recover thereself. i must recomend people to visit neelum valley.

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